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Note: I used to offer this as a standalone training program
on this site; and even did a live seminar in Anaheim, CA.
As of 2016 I now teach tape reading as part of my live room training.

Discover how it works in my live room at:

KEN is the ORIGINAL #1 Award-Winning TAPE READING EXPERT...Proof:

MONEYSHOW: Tim Bourquin Interviews Ken Calhoun on Tape Reading

TAPE READING PROOF! Watch this video showing an ACTUAL trade
example (with real broker P&L actual trade captured LIVE) of a winning trade I made Thursday, February 4th 2010 using just one of my proprietary Tape Reading Secrets trading techniques ...What's neat is, this was a long trade in
ERY (a 3x-short ETF) made during a SELLOFF in the markets for a win!:

Only learn from people like me (Ken Calhoun, President of, who can show you actual brokerage P&L proof of recent
actual real trades like this. Why? Because many trading industry vendors aren't real traders; they're just internet marketers who are faking it.
Demand proof that 1) they're real traders (w/brokerage P&Ls) and 2) their techniques are capable of potentially generating real winning trades.

LEARN FROM KEN CALHOUN, The 'Nets' ORIGINAL Top Tape Reading Expert

Note: beware our copycat competitors who copy me and claim to know tape reading,
I was the FIRST... see proof here
(plus I have P&L PROOF I trade, unlike competitors):

Click below to watch a quick 60-second Tape Reading Secrets preview video:

Note that per SEC/FTC regulations, absolutely no profitability nor income claims of any kind are being made. Typical customer results are
that all traders will incur trading losses — active trading is a difficult, speculative high-risk activity that is not suitable for most people.
Be sure to consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making any trading decisions. Trade smart!  


Tape Reading is a critical "must know" skill for active stock traders — because it helps you spot exactly when to
"pull the trigger" for your entries and exits.  Here's exactly what you'll be shown how to do, featuring step by step
live market examples and streaming realtime charts during this training:


Packed with my most popular active trader tips, You'll Unleash Specific,
Easy-to-Use Tape Reading Strategies
Revealed with Careful LIVE REALTIME Examples —
all Explained LIVE Online Tape Reading Secrets™ Training!

Tape Reading

You'll Get dozens of practical trading ideas You can Use in this explosive new trading event, featuring Live Market
examples& streaming realtime tape reading patterns narrated by Ken that you'll learn




From Ken Calhoun
Updated Tuesday 7:15amET
July 1, 2015

The trading industry's professional market makers will be absolutely furious with me for revealing the advanced tape reading patterns and strategies in these two exciting 90-minute webinars to the public, but I said "to heck with it!"...
Why? Because you need an edge.

Let me tell you why I can help you see my best trading patterns. From me, a genuine trader. I put my money on the line every day with my intraday and swing trades, and you need to see what I know (because I'm a net profitable trader, and I want to show you how I've done it).

Why You Need This Edge: For 12 months a year, it seems that market makers and other "wall street insiders" are getting all the best trades for themselves, leaving those of us who trade at home in the dust.  Broken. Coming up with restrictive rules like the 25K PDT rule to keep us out of their private country club called "Wall Street".

But let's get some for ourselves...

Let me share a secret with you. One that market makers don't want you to know.

You see, tape-reading skills are hard-earned by watching stock tapes for thousands of hours, gained over years of patient experience in studying the charts and tapes carefully, each morning to see what patterns follow through, which ones fail, and how to show you the difference so you can understand it for yourself.  

I've done this, patiently studying the specific patterns over 15 grueling years of daily market-watching experience that you'll be privy to when you attend these webinars. I've learned the hard way. . the good news is, you don't have to.

The best tape reading tactics are kept secret from the public. Knowledge is power and time is money.  Do you think market makers and specialists want to give away their edge?   Uh-huh.  Not likely.

It's not been available anywhere -- until now.

You can quickly short-cut your learning curve and accelerate your trading entry & exit skills in just minutes during these Live-action trading walkthroughs, as you see exactly how to spot breakouts and pivots using proprietary time and sales patterns by learning from me in person in these astonishing new webinars.

Let me ask you: Have you ever wished you could just flip a switch, sit back and start learning the the tape-reading skills You need to be able to spot buy and sell pressure in a stock any given instant?

Plus be able to see when a stock is starting to consolidate, purely by watching price action in time and sales? It takes skill, right?

Well, you can't learn it all overnight, but I can share with you the specific patterns I've seen time and time again in literally thousands of hours of NASDAQ/NYSE open-range breakout market watching experience. All available for you to learn from instantly.

Featuring Live Tape Reading examples from each days' live markets, you'll see me narrate tapes with charts for you all morning long.

So you're invited to come look over my shoulder in a realtime training environment as I uncover my best tape reading tactics to you LIVE online with streaming REALTIME examples.

This is advanced trader training. Player material.

Learn the Top Secrets of a World-Famous "Hit-and-Run" Day Trader —
Let Me Teach You Exactly How To Use my High-Energy Renowned
TAPE READING Strategies for NASDAQ/NYSE Day & Swing Trading...
(as featured in Active Trader Magazine, updated for 2015 with Live-Market REAL Trade Examples)

Do you have the all-out confidence to jump into a trade once you think the tape is showing solid buying strength...?  How do you reduce that nagging "uh-oh I screwed up" feeling if you get into a position and it starts to turn against you?

Learn Exactly how I manage these all-too-common trading scenarios once you're armed with the Tape Reading Secrets you'll be learning in these intensive online webinar events.

You'll have the chance to see me "in action" with real trading signals explained step by step, where you'll unlock my very best tape-reading strategies and tactics to a limited group of fortunate traders, using LIVE market examples and streaming tapes.

You may have heard of me, I'm Ken Calhoun and I run Daytrading University. I'm the "Wall Street Rebel" who's trained literally thousands of active traders like yourself and have only set foot in New York City once, to be a featured speaker on Tape Reading at the world-famous MoneyShow Traders' Expo (February 2009). I choose instead to trade from my exclusive "Rocky Mountain mansion" in Colorado Springs, fighting for us home traders.

And yet I've still
been featured regularly in CBS Marketwatch, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities mag, eSignal, Active Trader magazine and as a speaker at the Moneyshow Expos.

I've got "pull" in the trading industry, and credibility - because not only am I well-known and published, but (unlike most) I'm an actual working real trader who shows P&L brokerage screencap proof of many of my actual real recent trades.

Now come see why you've got to get this training yourself... give yourself a potential edge in your trades!

You do NOT want to miss this.

The market's volatile and the opportunities are there.    Are you prepared, and confident? Get a an entirely new trading arsenal of strategies once you learn in this exciting training.

Crammed with my top trading strategies, hard-earned over years of experience. Nothing comes close to the steady flow of tactics you'll see revealed in this remarkable new trading event. Be there. Register today.... here's exactly what you'll be learning about with me live, online together with our other traders:

About Ken Calhoun

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading, and (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, OnlineTradersExpo,, and CBS, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for nearly a decade, and has co-produced two stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison, garnering over 101 actual trader testimonials.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 of his client companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades.

Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure.

Traders, these are the most important Tape Reading "How To" day and swing trading tactics I've ever used, combining careful scanning for the strongest charts, plus how to confirm EVERY entry you make with the "tale of the tape" — and I'll reveal exactly how I've used it myself — it's easy (once you know how it works with updated tape reading patterns that you'll be discovering with me)!

Take action now and reserve your spot today — I look forward to seeing you online! I'll answer your questions as well; it's a great way to really learn how this works, from an actual top professional industry expert, helping you learn how to use tape reading.


How Much Better Could YOUR Trading Be, If Only...
You Knew how to Spot a Breakout in progress, and could tell to within .15 of exactly where to get into it?
You Knew how far to let a stock's price "run", before you start to scale out of a position based on the tape play?
You Could Tell by Watching the Streaming Time & Sales the 3 subtle indicators that tell you precisely when the stock's price was headed into a consolidation area?
You Knew Exactly How to Spot When a Stock's Time and Sales Pattern is weak and likely to produce a choppy entry or a stop out? To see false breakouts?
You Have the Confidence in Your Trading Decisions based on Facts and Data as seen in the precision tape reading patterns that are revealed each morning?

...Well Now's Your Chance to Learn LIVE Online, from Ken Calhoun, an    authentic active day trader, with practical training you can really use:


Discover how it works in my live room at:




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